Which is the Best TENS Machine for You?

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How to Select the Best Tens Machine for You

With a huge range of tens machines available worldwide, it's understandable that choosing the Best TENS Machine or EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulator) for your individual needs is difficult.

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Your Best Tens Machine Selection Tool

To help you, PhysioWorks has designed a free online tool to help you determine the Best Tens Machine for your specific needs. 

In less than one minute, you'll know which tens machine if best suited to your needs by simply answering a few questions.

Please click the following link to help your decision making: Best Tens Machine selection tool.

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TENS Machines

FAQs about TENS Machines & EMS Muscle Stimulators

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    TENS Machines & EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulators) Available

    Seek Professional Advice

    Your TENS machine is an electronic pain relieving machine that may assist you in the relief of pain. An EMS machine is an electrical muscle stimulator that may assist muscle strengthening. TENS machines and EMS machines should always be used as directed and under the guidance of your healthcare practitioner. 

    Your physiotherapist is an expert in the application of a TENS machine or an EMS machine.  Please ask your physiotherapist or health practitioner for specific advice to assist your pain relief via a TENS machine. 

    Always read the instruction manual prior to use. If symptoms persist we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your physiotherapist or a suitably trained health professional.

    TENS Machines

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