PainEze Plus TENS Machine

Pain Eze Plus TENS Machine

Small and Powerful!

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The Pain Eze Plus TENS machine is like nothing else available. Weighing only 17 grams the Pain Eze Plus TENS machine is an effective and economically priced pain relieving system.

Simple & Quick to Use

The Pain Eze Plus TENS machine has only two simple operating buttons.

  • Turn it on and increase the stimulation intensity.
  • Turn it off or reduce the stimulation intensity.

Is the Pain Eze Plus TENS Machine Powerful?

Yes it sure does! This is truly a miniature powerhouse tens machine attained through a unique computer chip in each tens unit. The technology is so good that a single 3 Volt battery will last for up to 40 hours of tens machine use use. That's almost two days straight! 

PainEze Plus - What's Included?

PainEze Plus TENS Machine

  • Pain Eze Plus TENS machine
  • Ready to Use Battery (CR2032)
  • 2 self-stick "ready to use" TENS machine electrodes
  • TENS machine electrode leads
  • TENS machine instruction booklet
  • 3 -months manufacturer warranty

Pain Eze Plus TENS Machine Review 

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PainEze Plus TENS Machine Client Reviews

"With the new Pain Eze Plus machine working most impressively, it has been most effective in coping with my back pain.  It was worth the money just for the relief it gave me last weekend." M Trantern, Sandgate

Private Health Fund Rebates for TENS Machines

Private Health Fund Rebates are available if you have a recommendation letter from your doctor or physiotherapist. Please contact your fund for specific information and requirements.

More info: Tens Machine Private Health Insurance Rebates 

Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

PhysioWorks is so confident that this TENS machine will work for you that if you are not completely satisfied we'll happily refund you the full price of the machine within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked!

More info: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Seek Professional Advice

Your TENS machine is an electronic pain relieving machine that may assist you in the relief of pain. An EMS machine is an electrical muscle stimulator that may assist muscle strengthening. TENS machines and EMS machines should always be used as directed and under the guidance of your healthcare practitioner. 

Your physiotherapist is an expert in the application of a TENS machine or an EMS machine.  Please ask your physiotherapist or health practitioner for specific advice to assist your pain relief via a TENS machine. 

Always read the instruction manual prior to use. If symptoms persist we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your physiotherapist or a suitably trained health professional.

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