Pro Tens Machine

Pro Tens Machine

Simple & Powerful Tens Machine 
Pain Relief without Drugs!

Pro Tens Machine

The Pro Tens Machine is a wonderful and popular mid-range TENS Machine. 

This TENS machine has more functions, power and versatility than most other TENS machine at a very affordable price.

What is a TENS Machine?

TENS machines are used for electronic pain relief. More information about TENS Machines can be found here.

Pro Tens Machine Review

TENS Machine Review

 The Pro Tens Machine & Accessory Package Contains:

Pro Tens Machine

  • One Pro-Tens Dual-Channel TENS Machine
  • One Hard Plastic Carrying Case to Safely store your Tens Machine
  • Two Tens Machine Electrode Leads
  • One  Tens Machine Instruction Manual
  • One 9-Volt Battery for immediate use. - Note:  a rechargeable battery can also be used.
  • One Pack of 4 Ready-to-Go Self-Adhesive Tens Machine Electrodes
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty on the Pro Tens Machine (accessories excluded) 

Pro Tens Machine - Testimonials

"You supplied me a Pro Tens Machine earlier this year. My mum had a cervical laminectomy and was in severe pain. At some stage she got sick of the 20 pills a day and relied only on the Pro TENS Machine for 1 week continuous use. The pain has now disappeared all but for a small burning sensation and hypersensitivity in the upper arm regions.  Thank you for the great machine!"S Khoury, RYDE NSW

"I have been using my Pro Tens Machine frequently to assist with my mobility problem and I wouldn't be without it. The Product was the best quality and the PhysioWorks service was prompt and helpful." N Bain OAM JP, Maclean NSW

"Excellent. I love the Pro Tens Machine! The service was excellent and fast too! Thanks for the pain free experience!" N Clark, Cairnlea, Victoria

Private Health Fund Rebates for TENS Machines

Private Health Fund Rebates are available if you have a recommendation letter from your doctor or physiotherapist. Please contact your fund for specific information and requirements.

More info: Tens Machine Private Health Insurance Rebates 

Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

PhysioWorks is so confident that this TENS machine will work for you that if you are not completely satisfied we'll happily refund you the full price of the machine within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked!

More info: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Seek Professional Advice

Your TENS machine is an electronic pain relieving machine that may assist you in the relief of pain. An EMS machine is an electrical muscle stimulator that may assist muscle strengthening. TENS machines and EMS machines should always be used as directed and under the guidance of your healthcare practitioner. 

Your physiotherapist is an expert in the application of a TENS machine or an EMS machine.  Please ask your physiotherapist or health practitioner for specific advice to assist your pain relief via a TENS machine. 

Always read the instruction manual prior to use. If symptoms persist we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your physiotherapist or a suitably trained health professional.

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